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CVE-2021-39141 Scanner

Detects 'Remote Code Execution' vulnerability in XStream 1.4.18, potentially allowing unauthorized command execution.


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XStream is a popular library used to serialize objects to XML and back again. It is widely used in Java applications to facilitate the storage or transmission of object data in a platform-neutral manner. Because of its extensive use in various software applications, vulnerabilities within XStream can have widespread implications, potentially allowing attackers to execute arbitrary code and affect application integrity, confidentiality, and availability.

Specifically, the vulnerability is exploited by manipulating the input stream processed by XStream to include malicious code. Attackers can craft a specially designed XML payload that, when processed by the vulnerable version of XStream, executes arbitrary commands on the host system. This is possible due to the lack of proper validation and sanitization of the input data, leading to the execution of unintended commands.

Exploiting this vulnerability could allow attackers to gain control over the affected system, access confidential information, modify or delete data, and disrupt the availability of services. The impact is particularly severe as it could lead to the compromise of server environments where XStream is used, posing a significant risk to organizations relying on it for their applications.

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