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CVE-2021-39144 Scanner

Detects 'Remote Code Execution' vulnerability in XStream 1.4.18, potentially allowing unauthorized command execution.


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CVE-2021-39144 Scanner Detail

XStream is a widely used Java library for serializing and deserializing objects. It converts Java objects to XML and back again, enabling applications to easily transmit and store complex data structures. XStream's simplicity and flexibility have made it a popular choice for many developers working on applications that require extensive data manipulation and storage capabilities. However, vulnerabilities within XStream, such as CVE-2021-39144, can pose significant security risks, potentially allowing attackers to execute arbitrary code remotely.

The exploitation of CVE-2021-39144 involves crafting a malicious XML payload that, when processed by XStream, triggers the execution of arbitrary code. This can be achieved by including a specially crafted java.util.PriorityQueue object within the XML, which leverages dynamic proxies to execute malicious code. The impact of this vulnerability is heightened due to XStream's widespread use, potentially affecting a wide range of applications.

The exploitation of this vulnerability could lead to unauthorized access to systems, data leakage, and the execution of arbitrary commands on the server hosting the vulnerable application. Attackers could use this to gain a foothold within the affected system, escalate privileges, and potentially move laterally within the network, compromising additional systems and data.

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