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CVE-2020-26258 Scanner

Detects 'Server-Side-Request-Forgery (SSRF)' vulnerability in XStream affects v. before 1.4.15.


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CVE-2020-26258 Scanner Detail

Exploring XStream Utility and Application

XStream is a Java-based library widely utilized for the serialization and deserialization of objects to and from XML. It provides a straightforward and intuitive approach to converting Java objects into their XML representation, enabling seamless data interchange between applications and systems. With its ease of use and high-level facade, XStream simplifies the process of handling complex object hierarchies and nested structures, making it an invaluable tool for diverse Java-based projects and applications.

Understanding the CVE-2020-26258 Vulnerability

The CVE-2020-26258 vulnerability pertains to versions prior to 1.4.15 of the XStream product, where a critical Server-Side-Request-Forgery (SSRF) security flaw was identified. This vulnerability exposes an exploitable SSRF weakness, allowing malicious actors to manipulate the application's functionality and provoke unauthorized server-side requests. By leveraging this vulnerability, attackers can potentially bypass access controls, interact with internal systems, and exfiltrate sensitive data, thereby compromising the integrity and confidentiality of the application and its associated infrastructure.

Impact of CVE-2020-26258 Vulnerability Exploitation

Exploitation of the CVE-2020-26258 vulnerability in the XStream product can have severe ramifications in the hands of a malicious cyber attacker. Through SSRF manipulation, attackers can initiate unauthorized requests to internal systems, potentially leading to data breaches, service disruptions, and unauthorized access to sensitive resources. Furthermore, exploitation of this vulnerability can result in the compromise of confidential information, undermining the trust and reliability of the application and its ecosystem.

Encouraging Platform Utilization for Enhanced Security

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