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CVE-2023-37462 Scanner

Detects 'Eval Injection' vulnerability in xwiki-platform (open source project) affects v. from 7.0-rc-1 to 14.4.8 and from >= 14.5 to 14.10.4.


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CVE-2023-37462 Scanner Detail

XWiki Platform is a wiki software that provides runtime services for applications built on top of it. This platform serves as a generic wiki offering various extensions and customizable themes. XWiki provides a web-based platform that enables users to create articles, edit and collaborate on content, and share information with others. This software solution is used in a range of industries and sectors, including government agencies, educational institutions, and many businesses. XWiki Platform is designed to streamline document collaboration, knowledge management, and content authoring, allowing teams to work efficiently from anywhere with an internet connection.

Recently, a severe vulnerability was detected in XWiki Platform, CVE-2023-37462. The vulnerability relates to improper escaping in the document SkinsCode.XWikiSkinsSheet. It opens the doors for hackers to inject code from view directly onto that document, rendering unrestricted access to programming rights. This means that attackers could execute Groovy and Python macros that allow remote code execution. In effect, attackers have unrestricted read and write access to all the contents of the wiki. An attacker can exploit this vulnerability by crafting a non-existing page name containing a dangerous payload.

When exploited, this vulnerability can lead to the complete compromise of an organization's data. Attackers could remotely execute code using unrestricted privileges. This means they can modify any wiki entity, read any private data on the system, or delete any document. Additionally, they have access to programming rights, allowing them to manipulate or modify wiki themes, extensions, or plugins. With these capabilities, the attacker could access sensitive documents, steal critical corporate information, or use the wiki system as a staging ground for further attacks or exploitation.

In conclusion, security threats are real and affect any organization's digital assets at any time. The good news, however, is that the platform offers pro features that allow readers to easily and quickly learn about vulnerabilities in their digital assets. In this way, organizations can implement proactive measures to mitigate such threats before they impact their operations.



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