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CVE-2020-15148 Scanner

Detects 'Remote Code Execution (RCE)' vulnerability in yiisoft yii2 affects v. before 2.0.38.


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Yii 2 is a PHP framework used for web application development. It is an open-source framework that offers several features for creating secure and scalable applications. The framework is widely popular, and many web developers use it to develop web applications, APIs, and e-commerce websites. Yii 2 provides a set of tools and functionalities that make application development fast and easy.

CVE-2020-15148 is a vulnerability detected in Yii 2, which can lead to remote code execution if the application calls `unserialize()` on arbitrary user input. This means an attacker can exploit this vulnerability to execute their own code on the server, potentially gaining complete control over the system. The vulnerability affects versions of Yii 2 before 2.0.38.

When this vulnerability is exploited, an attacker can gain unauthorized access to the server and steal sensitive information or launch malicious attacks, compromising the integrity of the system. It can lead to the exposure of personal data, financial information, or other sensitive assets. The attacker can also use the system to launch further attacks on other systems or websites.

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