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Detects 'Information Disclosure' vulnerability in Zoho ManageEngine Desktop Central affects v. before 10.1.2137.8.


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Zoho ManageEngine Desktop Central is an all-in-one endpoint management software that allows IT administrators to automate and simplify their desktop and mobile device management tasks. The software is used by businesses of all sizes to help manage and secure their digital assets.

Recently, a new vulnerability has been detected within the Zoho ManageEngine Desktop Central software, identified as CVE-2022-23779. This vulnerability was found to be present in software versions before 10.1.2137.8, and can pose a serious security risk if left unaddressed.

When exploited, the CVE-2022-23779 vulnerability within Zoho ManageEngine Desktop Central can allow an attacker to obtain the internal hostname of the installed server. This information can then be used to increase the success rate of future attacks that exploit other vulnerabilities in the software. It can also lead to the unauthorized access of sensitive information and data, potentially resulting in serious damage to the reputation and financial stability of the affected organization.

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