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Detects 'Local File Inclusion (LFI)' vulnerability in ZOHO WebNMS Framework affects v. before 5.2 SP1.


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ZOHO WebNMS Framework is a widely used product that serves as a platform for creating network management applications. This framework provides various tools for network management, including network monitoring, device management, and reporting. ZOHO WebNMS Framework is utilized by numerous businesses and organizations across various industries for efficiently managing their networks.

CVE-2016-6601 is a severe vulnerability that was detected in the ZOHO WebNMS Framework. This vulnerability is directly associated with the file download functionality of the framework. Remote attackers could exploit this vulnerability to read any arbitrary file through the ".." in the fileName parameter to servlets/FetchFile. This flaw gives access to unauthorized data, making the management of networks compromised and leaving sensitive information open to cybercriminals.

When exploited, this vulnerability can lead to disastrous consequences. Attackers can gain access to confidential data and use it to their advantage. They can spread malware through the network, steal intellectual property or personal information, and cause reputational damage. All the while, businesses suffer losses in terms of money, credibility, and operations.

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