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Detects 'Improper Access Control' vulnerability in ZTE F460 and F660 cable modems affects v. Unknown.


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ZTE F460 and F660 cable modems are widely used in homes and offices for internet connectivity. These modems come with a host of features such as dual-band WiFi, robust security, and user-friendly interfaces. They provide users with reliable internet connectivity and allow them to connect multiple devices to the internet simultaneously. The ZTE F460 and F660 cable modems are popular for their affordability and easy-to-use interfaces, making them an ideal choice for consumers.

The CVE-2014-2321 vulnerability is a serious security flaw that was detected in the web_shell_cmd.gch on ZTE F460 and F660 cable modems. This vulnerability can be exploited by remote attackers to obtain administrative access via sendcmd requests. By using "set TelnetCfg" commands, an attacker can enable a TELNET service with specified credentials, allowing them to assume full control of the system. This security flaw was first discovered in 2014 but is still prevalent in some modems in use today.

Exploiting this vulnerability can lead to serious consequences, such as unauthorized access and control of the modem. Attackers can gain administrative access to the modem, giving them complete control over the network. They can manipulate network settings, view user data, and potentially steal sensitive information. This can have serious implications for individuals and businesses alike, leading to data breaches, security breaches, and other negative outcomes.

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