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How Ethical Hacking Optimizes Your Cybersecurity


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Many small and mid-sized businesses think that ethical hacking is only beneficial for identifying risks, weaknesses, and vulnerabilities in devices, networks, programs, applications, and other computer resources. In contrast, it is also used to measure the responsiveness and threat detection of cybersecurity protocols if a business is compromised with the help of various testing and validation techniques. 

Every business owner must know the strengths and weaknesses of the cybersecurity measures in place as it is essential to see the efficacy of implemented strategies to tackle any data breach, theft, or hacking attempt. 

Therefore, a detailed plan regarding regular optimization of cybersecurity protocols by the utilization of ethical hacking is presented below:

Carrying Out a Cybersecurity Assessment

While carrying out the security assessment test, it is recommended to test the working and efficacy of a specific protocol like testing the efficiency of a firewall, inserting a virus to check the efficiency of anti-virus software, or imitating a cyberattack. When specific areas and functions of your cybersecurity controls are tested, you can update the performance, improve security and enhance knowledge and awareness among the workers and employees regarding that specific weakness.

 With each passing day, cybercriminals and hackers are adapting to new technologies and learning defense strategies businesses use; therefore, there is never a legitimate cure against these criminals. Just regularly test the efficiency of all your controls and identify and respond to any attack is the key to remaining secure and protected. 

A skilled ethical hacker can help you assess cyber security health through proven and real-based scenarios such as follows:

  • Infiltration of spam files into your system
  • Leaking sensitive information as an intruder’s attack
  • Taking access to your account credentials through a phishing campaign targeted at your network. 
  • Gaining access to different devices to survey and monitor business operations.

Carrying Out Red Team Operations

Red team operations refer to those ethical hacking strategies that carry out simulated cyber-attacks on businesses and applications resembling a professional hacker’s attempt. These operations are more than just testing the weaknesses of a system, as in penetration testing as a red team operation can continue for weeks and months trying to exploit the available resources. These simulated cyber-attacks are carried out without informing the cybersecurity experts or other stakeholders trying to imitate a genuine attack. It also helps assess the defensive approach and response plan adopted by the business to cyber threats and attacks. 

Role of Ethical Hacking Service Provider

In order to test the efficiency of your system, an experienced and professional ethical hacker is required that knows the vulnerabilities, common threats, and general breaching strategies followed by actual cybercriminals. Ethical hacker providers must know the right tools to apply, know the safe limits during exploiting vulnerabilities and hold relevant certifications.  You can request a test from highly trained cybersecurity experts to perform the efficiency of your system.

If the ethical hacking provider is experienced, they will offer a customized cybersecurity assessment based on the risks your business might be facing and ultimately help you in drafting the right measures to tackle any issues and strengthen the capabilities.

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