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Find out your open ports. Check if IoT devices (cams, printers, bulbs, security systems, etc) are accessible over the internet. Scan your modem remotely and take action. This tools scan more than 25 ports.

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How and Why You Should Use This Tool

There are lots of IoT devices to make our life easier, funnier, or safer. Some of them do not need any interaction to operate, while some of them need user interaction.

In some cases, users may perform some changes (like port forwarding) to their modem (actually a router in network terminology). These changes generally are done because of one thing: 'To interact with the IoT devices from outside the house.'

If you have a printer, a baby monitoring system, or a media manager and using these devices remotely, you know what we mean.

However, access to an IoT device remotely without any restriction can cause some security issues. How and why? Continue to read.

IoT devices generally do not operate security-oriented. You have to be sure if they have strong authentication, encrypted data transfer, up to date software.

For instance, if you can access the camera in your home remotely, anyone can. Be sure default username and passwords are disabled. Use a strong password so no one can guess or crack.

Let's say you send a document to printer in the home over the internet. Or enable the security system when in the vocation. If these operations are not done by using an encrypted protocol, anyone between you and your IoT devices network can intercept and read your data. It's time to say one of the most famous words: Privacy!

Last but not least, you need to update your IoT devices regularly. We know, updating an IoT device software may not be so easy. But if you are using old software with vulnerability, and your device is accessible over the internet, there is a huge possibility to get hacked.

Why Should You Scan Your Modem / Router Over The Internet?

To check your services open to the internet. Even if you do not have an IoT device, we still advise you to use this service.

Do not forget that bad people are scanning the whole internet always (even now). It is up to you to take the necessary precautions.

Use our free and online IoT - Modem / Router Scanner tool to check to discover open ports of your modem/router to the internet and ensure your safety.

Also, we have a great blog post if you want to learn more: Security of IoT Devices: Threats from The Internet

These are the TCP ports we scan on your modem:
21, 22, 53, 80, 81, 82, 443, 554, 631, 993, 4070, 4071, 4520, 4550, 5001, 5150, 5160, 5180, 5511, 5550, 5554, 6560, 7000, 8008, 8009, 8080, 8081, 8088, 8443, 8554, 8866, 8888, 9000, 9080, 9100, 9443, 9964, 10001, 19531, 49152, 49153, 49155, 55442, 55443, 56000

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