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The Top 5 Marketing Mistakes for Online Vulnerability Scanners


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Cybersecurity is a highly technical area. Sometimes, because of that, marketing strategies might be overlooked. We will talk about the mistakes that are made in online vulnerability scanners' marketing.

The cybersecurity market is one of the most demanding spheres in IT. Customers and cybersecurity companies face challenges that require them to fully understand how cybersecurity works, and what they need. Of course, cybersecurity products work on some level, but not many can actually address customers' needs.

Sometimes marketing messages don't deliver value or knowledge about cybersecurity basics to the reader. This usually results in a failed product launch or marketing campaign failure. What are these mistakes? We've outlined them for you:

1. Going Too Technical

Your SaaS about vulnerability scanning might be targeted at cybersecurity professionals, but you need to understand that not everyone has the same technical background as them. Your website needs to have a clear and simple language otherwise, people will get lost in the technical jargon. The idea is that they should benefit from what your service can offer without getting too much involved with it.

2. Not Offering Adequate Information About Your Scanner

Include all relevant information about your services on its product page: how it works, what kind of vulnerabilities does it scan for, how accurate are its results? As an additional note here: You don't want to overwhelm your potential customers by offering them too much information in one go. It might make it harder for them to choose a service which is the best for them.

3. Not Targeting Different Users

It's not just cybersecurity professionals that are interested in vulnerability scanners. There are also cybersecurity managers, consultants, engineers - all doing different things within the cybersecurity field. Your services should be targeted at all of these roles so you can win over plenty of customers with different backgrounds and needs.

4. Not Engaging With Your Target Audience

It's not enough to just write a blog post about cybersecurity and leave it at that. You need to take part in cybersecurity discussions by responding to reviews and comments, following cybersecurity influencers responding to their tweets and posts, and making them link back to your services on their website. You can also take it to a next step and create a Discord Channel for your users to share some thoughts. For ideas, you are welcome to join S4E Discord Community. It's also important to offer discounts, coupons, or even use tools like ContentBee's content distribution tool so you can reach cybersecurity shop owners with ease.

5. Not Including Any Case Studies

What are the results of your services? What kinds of vulnerabilities has your scanner discovered? How many customers have you helped resolve any cybersecurity issues they had? It is important to make it visible that you helped people with real-life examples. It can be a bit tricky when it comes to cybersecurity, because, no one would want to admit that they were vulnerable. We understand that. That's why, you can always use your SaaS review vendors like Capterra to make a showcase of your products' benefits. Make sure that people actually see what kind of work your cybersecurity shop has done. If you are looking for an easy online security scanner, take a look at S4E:Shelter-Automated Vulnerability Scanner.

Include case studies on your prodocut page so people know they can trust you.

In conclusion, cybersecurity is a highly technical area that requires customers and companies to have an understanding of how it works. This can be difficult for many people outside the industry because they don't know what questions to ask or what solutions would work best for their needs. And sometimes this might lead to not marketing your product enough - even if you do offer adequate information about it in other ways! That's why we've compiled these five tips on how you can make sure your security company has all the right tools when it comes to marketing strategies. By following these simple steps, you can ensure your security company will get more sales without having to spend too much time doing extra research into every potential customer’s situation beforehand.

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